Are you now willing to receive money?

Learn to receive money.

Are you now willing to receive money?

In this article, we will learn how to receive money. Awareness of the point of view is the key. This article may come as a surprise for many especially to those who don’t understand energy.

First and foremost, it is important to understand that money is never the problem. It is receiving money which is the issue. Let’s understand some reasons why people reject money energetically while still desiring and working for it on an external level. See what resonates with you and begin the process of undoing of those point of views.

Are you rejecting money energetically due to wrongness of yourself?

Are you blaming yourself for actions in the past, putting yourself s in hardships, and rejecting money energetically? Blaming yourself can get embedded in the body mind system with multiple layers, and you would need to work energetically on how to receive money. Receiving money is the same as receiving yourself, being who you truly are. Wrongness of the past can go quite deep to the extent that you try & change your entire being. To be like the other by following someone else just to be right or be perfect. Know that you are not the doer. An action happened through you. You are an infinite being who is only a witness. A seer. Just being aware of the point of view can begin the process of erasing it from the body mind system.

Are you rejecting money due to an impression of your past life?

What happens in your body mind system when you hear this question? Is there a yes or a, no? Yes, is a light feeling when the awareness opens up to now clearing this impression while no is a heavy feeling. Impression of the past can be a situation where you had been attacked due to the money you possessed and so now keep rejecting to avoid facing a similar situation. This point of view gets deeply embedded in one’s mind. Here, it is important to release that impression of the past which can happen effortlessly either through meditation or revisiting the past life through various past life therapies to release that impression. It may also happen that the person faces a similar kind of situation in this present life, goes through the learning, and clears that limitation thus opening doors to receiving money.

Are you rejecting money beyond a certain amount as you find it literally impossible to receive more?

Are you maintaining the money inflow to just about meeting your needs but not beyond that? Of course, needs can vary depending on individual’s point of view. Some of the start-up founders can be put in this category as they are unable to receive and can either shut down their ventures or slow them down. History is backed with innumerable people who received windfall of money through lotteries and spent it all as they could not receive money. Being aware is the key which opens doors to possibilities.

Are you rejecting money as you view money as being bad?

Are you rejecting money completely? This can happen due to an impression of the past or early childhood days. This can also happen to people who do not understand spirituality in an absolute sense as they keep rejecting the material world. It is important to mention that while it can be a crucial phase for spiritual growth, one has to gradually move over to again start to receive money.

Are you rejecting money because you like to struggle?

Are you choosing to work hard and work only for survival? Hard work is drilled deep in the society and many just choose it unknowingly. Be aware of what you choose as that becomes your point of view and reflects later in life or maybe in some other lifetime. It is important to mention that hard work is not the issue, but the point of view attached with that.

Are you rejecting money in order to be right?

Are you choosing to be right and not what energy calls for? This happens as people follow their point of view to be right and good to be accepted or approved by people around them. A big point of view.

What is your point of view? Are you willing to receive money now?

If you don’t know how to get an answer to this question, simply pull money energy and see what happens in your body mind system? You would observe sensation in the body mind system. These are your point of view in energy form. Clear those point of views in order to receive money with absolute ease. You can start to pull money energy for few minutes every few days, be aware of the energy and witness the change happening.

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Are you now willing to choose a different reality?

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