Choosing to be the joy that you are.

Choosing to be the joy that you are

Your very nature is joy.

You are joy. It is just that sometimes that gets suppressed due to fear and wrongness. It is only then do you start to seek security outside of you and try to be right in doing so.

What is important is to tread a path of being you.

Being who you truly are. You own unique flavor. No one, but you know that way. Your body whispers. Listen for it can set you free. Body communication is foremost. It is a process. It can take time. Do not let your mind trick you. Begin by simply saying hi and you might be surprised. It communicates in felt sense. That can be a feeling of lightness or heaviness for a question or an image for other questions.

In today’s age, people have learnt to communicate with Ai but aren’t aware of communicating with their own bodies. Number one, body communication is an art which you knew when you were an infant. You have now forgotten the art. Begin to believe in yourself. Believe in what the body is communicating. It might take time to again begin the process of communicating with your body. Just be consistent and you would get a sense of it.

What happens when you go against the body?

Body communication happens in a subtle manner and gets loud as you go against it. The more you suppress your body energies, the more it begins to shout and scream for attention. Sadly, many just keep overlooking it and try to cut off the communication by taking pills for every symptom. Sooner or later, the joy which is ever present gets flipped and one then starts to crave for joy outside of their beingness.

The outside world can only give you a glimpse of what you are. That joy is in this moment. When the mind stops desiring and is in this moment. Living moment to moment can only happen when the past has been erased and future does not bother you anymore. The mind cannot be trained or controlled. It is only possible to transcend the mind. Control simply means suppressing the senses which is just theoretical and can lead to severe symptoms later in life.

How do you decide what to do?

Many worry about the result and are not focused on the joy of doing. Do what is joyful. Do what is light. This being said, it is also important to take the difficult path of transcending the limitations as following those points of views can sometimes feel light. How does one know what are the point of views limiting their unique flavor? The point of views is quite loud in the head, and one just accepts that as the reality while the body communicates in a subtle manner and always guides you in the right direction.

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Are you now willing to create a different reality?

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