What is your relationship with yourself?

What is your relationship with yourself? It is your own energies which shows up in the external world.

What is your relationship with yourself?

Your relationship with yourself defines relationship with other around you. It is your own energies which shows up in the external world. Your own point of views which show up when interacting with people. Being aware is the key to creating a different reality.

Are you trying to be perfect?

Many people try to be perfect. Good effort but what is perfection? What defines that? Is it to be right and good? If it is, who defines what is right for you? Most of the time, the answer is someone else they follow or have been conditioned by. Why do we people choose that? Simple answer again: they have been put into the wrongness of their choice or, let’s say, the fear of being wrong, so they stop being who they are and start to please others or more precisely be like them. Now, this can a pretty difficult for the body as you now begin to tread a path of going against the body.

The body is innocent and knows no right or wrong. It is the body that knows the way to being who you truly are, but the question again is how do you now communicate with your own body? So now, you can be in a situation where you either follow someone either literally or the point of view imbedded in the body-mind system. Answer to this is to begin a process of body communication. How do you do that? Begin with a simple Hi. You might not understand the answer as the mind is quick to come up with answers. Hold on and feel the answer. Ask the body questions as to what it would like to eat? What would it like to do? How would it like to look? Something would start to open up and the process would begin ease your relationship with yourself. This can be a good starting point.

Are you seeking love from the other?

Some seek love from others. Love is not what anyone can give you. It is who you are. It is your presence. What someone can give, at the most, is care, a sense of security or a sense of someone being there, and material things. This is probably termed as love by most of the people. Is it your fear that you are trying to falsely cover in the name of love? Probably. Only a person who has realized love can truly love for love does not ask anything in return. Releasing the suppressed energies of fear and impressions which caused them can lead you to realize love layer by layer.

Enjoying a joyous relationship with self & other?

Relationship with others has to be joyful. It has to come from a space of joy. This can come from a space of giving or doing together to create more joy. It has to be from a space of allowance. To be more of who they truly are. These relationships would always be more powerful and empowering for all involved.

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What are you choosing now to create a different reality?

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